The Story So Far

I registered this domain after talking with Otgonbat Barkhuu, the Founder and President of the Global leadership University in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, continuing a conversation we had started eight years earlier. He said he would like to set up a Canadian Education Centre so Mongolian students could learn about and explore opportunities to go to University in Canada. He has been encouraging and finding scholarship opportunities for students to study outside Mongolia for years when he began what was then known as the the Global Leadership Foundation.

Universities and post-secondary institutions in Canada are interested in positioning themselves to attract students so I thought it would be good idea to create a centre in Canada to learn about opportunities to learn in Canada and collaborate with Ogi on exploring exchange opportunities with Mongolia in the interests of the Global Leadership University. I published the Canadian Learning Centre with the storyline – exploring opportunities to learn in Canada. The Canadian Learning Centre can still play that role. Universities would want to be part of the conversation and have the opportunity to introduce themselves and contribute their ideas on learning, and the opportunities they are creating for students.

At the same time, the communities interested in exploring what we need to know, what we would like to know, and what we could benefit from knowing to determine what we can do as a community to create the future for learning in Canada could explore what we can do to create this creative community resource collaboratively to operate independent of the need for government funding.

I changed the story line to exploring the future of learning in Canada on July 3, 2021

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