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Rich in natural resources and cultural heritage, Mongolia is in a unique position to unleash its potential for development. With the rise of globalization and increasing competition between nations, Mongolia needs a new generation of leaders with vision in order to make a difference: not only within the borders of their own country but also in the world. After decades of communism and a state controlled economy, Mongolia is striving to integrate itself into the global economy. As Mongolia begins to open up to the rest of the world, the country needs a new paradigm of change in its educational sector in order to play a major role in reforming all sectors of the economy and the society in general.

Today’s world requires graduates to be not only academically successful but also socially competent in a multicultural work environment. The Global leadership University believes that leadership is essential in driving societal change and that integrating leadership principles with an academic curriculum is critical for developing graduates who are capable of taking responsibility and leading positive change in society with distinctive moral education. Leadership centered education is the core concept of learning at the Global leadership University and a variety of leadership and self-development courses are integrated into our educational curriculum’s across disciplines. Following my journey at Harvard, I championed a new leadership development program for all of our students, faculty, staff and stakeholders on the subjects of authentic and adaptive leadership concepts and practices. GLU’s graduates must be successful not only in terms of their academic and professional success but also their character and moral integrity that sets them apart from others.

Message from the President

Mongolia as a study destination

With massive mineral resources, untapped nature and rich history, Mongolia is a great place to visit and study for international students from all over the world. Located between Russia and China, Mongolia’s fast growing economy and urbanization has attracted many global companies and the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, is a metropolis with a variety of restaurants, clubs, museums and activities for international visitors. Ulaanbaatar City is safe and many young people speak English these days and most people are friendly to international visitors.

Mongolia is an adventure destination for students who wish to learn more about Mongolia’s rich history, culture and modern lifestyle and those who wish to gain unique experience rather than conventional study abroad experience in the United States or Europe. Mongolians are very friendly and by choosing to study in Mongolia, especially at the Global Leadership University, you will start a journey of unforgettable memories and find friendships that will last for a lifetime. During the summer time, you will enjoy the stunning beauty of the Mongolian countryside, experience the nomadic hospitality and taste the authentic Mongolian food that you will find nowhere in the world.

Mongolia as a study destination